Secrets to improve the user experience on your website

Few ways to improve the user experience

Improve user experience with white-hat techniques – all the time we want to bring more visitors to our project, to our website, and in order to bring them we spend a lot of energy and we think how it is possible to keep them inside for long sessions.

How can we keep them?

It is important to think of user experience while we create and develop our new project, not all the time it is important to spend huge amounts for online marketing or paid advertising campaigns.

improve user experience

In this post, we want to reveal few of the most important directions that every business owner or web design company must take consideration.

Improve your website user experience by fixing On-Page SEO issues

Website user experience can be imporved also if you take decision like business owner to make a complete and technical SEO audit – at this moment it is very well to check and to identify all of those on-page SEO issues, try to create a clear image of what are the positive and negative factors.

  • User-friendly website – try to have on your mind all the time.
  • Make sure you have implemented the rel=canonical tag for every kind of duplicate versions of your project.
  • Check and be sure that you have the correct response status codes – this it will be available for future 400 errors or for server issues – 500 errors.
  • Check very well your website and be sure that you don’t have duplicate content or absence of ALT attributes.
  • Take consideration of using the correct long/short meta tags.

– Try to check different software or online platforms in order to identify what is your site optimization score.

– Check your website speed – increase it with the most common directions – JavaScript, HTML minification, CSS factors, image compression, browser cache leverage and other factors.

In the same time, it is important to have a clear and proper internal links structure. From this point of view, you can improve visitor’s engagement and this it will be very helpful for you and for your online project.

This it is very important for every business owner and for every project because, the final goal it is to obtain conversions, not just organic traffic, rankings or to increase your brand awareness.

– Internal link structure optimization represents a good opportunity for every website developer to build a good foundation for that online project.

– Try all the time to drive your visitors to your most important pages

– Your website must be responsive – your project must be readable and accessible from every mobile device or electronic gadget – try to see a complete of such devices, including the latest accessories for gizmos at Bazaar Gadgets – for our swedish visitors it will be much easier to search directly köp tekniska prylar på nätet.

– Simplicity is key – if you want to build layouts and future projects with overcomplicated designs, this is not a good recommendation.

Not in the end, we want to make another positive recommendation for those developers and business owners who take the decision to use real people for chat or contact queries. Even we know that in our days, the artificial intelligence (AI) in the next big decision in technology and website development, we can build a strong partnership and trust relationship with our visitors and clients using the human touch.

All these factors will help you and your project to reduce your project bounce rate, to attract more visitors and organic traffic, to help them to share and even promote your content and products.

For more information and for any support, please don’t hesitate to send us your messages. Good luck!

White Hat SEO Techniques 2018

White Hat SEO 2018

In the present it is our duty like business owners to understand that we must create quality content that people want to share it, to promote that content in a genuine and safe way for your online project. White hat SEO activities represent a wise direction for your project and for your brand awareness.

This year we will understand more things regarding Google and search engines updates and from our experience, we will identify two major directions:

  • Create content on daily or at least on weekly basis
  • Organic traffic will give you what you want – try to promote more content from the first step to you targeted visitors.

It is important for every online business to generate more targeted visitors and one good direction for this is to offer quality information for your top-rated services.

Organic Traffic for your online project

The key to success will be your decision to publish fresh and valuable content. Stop using fake or low-quality freelancers or services. Don’t hesitate to write your own experience and promote your services directly through your thoughts and projects.

The next step will be to promote that content and for this, you will realize fast that a lot of bloggers or even journalists will write about your articles or content.White Hat SEO Techniques 2018

In order to succeed in all our SEO efforts, we must search very well and we will discover the major benefits of using Google searches and other features available when we check other search engines. For example:

  • If we want to write about “How to perform a social media audit”  you will find a lot of online resources with similar content, open those sources, compare and analyze that content with your own experience and start writing your article.

I am sure that you will identify at least 3-5 points that are missing there so, your content will be valuable for your readers and visitors.

Our recommendation is to start generating content with over 2000+ words. Please, don’t forget to include in your articles optimized images, videos too and authority sites.

  • Use video marketing in all your white hat SEO efforts – this it is a great opportunity for your business and online project. Create video content, try to provide only genuine and quality content there and you will increase your brand awareness.

It is good for you to create text or video content with one main goal, your work will be promoted and share it by those influencers who really understand that content.

Fortunately, after you will write and generate content for at least 5-10 most-wanted topics, related to your SEO activities, those online marketers will send relevance to your project because they want to promote only quality and genuine services and actions.

Another major recommendation, from our team experience, is to take advantage of using one clear structure for your future content:

* Write a competitive “Title”

* Decide what is your correct meta description and what are your top-rated keywords

* <H1>, <H2>, <H3> are next to you

* Fresh and valuable content all the time

* Pictures, Alt Tag

* Social promotions

How to generate more organic website traffic?

You need organic and safe traffic for your online project because in this way you will improve your current rankings and you will obtain more online relevance. Sometimes, organic traffic converts much better than traffic from social media or from paid advertising.

Organic traffic can be increased through a lot of strategies, some of them are safe for your white hat SEO efforts and other directions will bring negative results to your efforts. If you want to obtain long-term online relevance, keep in mind that white hat SEO represents the most important decision for every online project.

We want to reveal some of the most important things that will help you to increase your organic traffic, even you have top and old competitors, it is a wise decision for almost every online project:

* Check very well what is your current online relevance and save your Google Analytics reports and info from your Google Search Consoleorganic traffic 2018

* Check very well and improve your On-Page SEO customization

* Your main goal is to increase the volume and quality of your website traffic so, from this point of view, a good idea it is to become a contributor on top-rated sites related to your niche

* Take advantage of creating a clean and powerful internal link structure

* “Call-to-action” must be your friend – encourage readers and webmasters to link to your online project.

Creating valuable content and working for your organic website traffic will increase your online authority through:

* Writing genuine and detailed articles will bring more value to your project

* Readers and bloggers will love your content so, for you and your project, do-follow links will count a lot

* Your will obtain more online relevance because the future links will be obtained from trusted sources.

The SEO progress means that you must work a lot for your project, promote your website and services around the internet, share it on your social media platforms, get in touch with your readers and reply as soon as possible to every message or question because only in this way you can obtain your top rankings.

How to perform a social media audit

Complete Social Media Audit –  a wise decision for every online project

     In the last years, we understand much better the importance of creating one natural profile for every online business. Every business owner must have one clear business strategy, it is his duty to identify those factors who can improve his brand awareness. Social media strategy represent one wise direction for your business and for your success. Some people don’t understand how important it is in our days to perform one complete social media audit.

Optimize your social media presence

     If in the past for such audit you must search very well a lot of profiles, image optimization, url structures and other factors, in the present, fortunately, for one complete social media audit we can use many social media analytics tools or software.

     A successful social audit must offer at the end one clear image of your online presence, your targeted audience and most important can reveal the best direction from where your business can receive new potential media strategy

     Our best recommendation is to be sure that you are effectively monitoring your brand’s performance and for this, you must check directly your relevance across networks and profiles and, wise it will be to check your competitor’s social media presence through one competitive analysis.

     Generally speaking, for every social media audit it is wise to include the following:

* Profile information

* Publishing metrics

* Engagement metrics

* Audience demographics

* Referral traffic

* Channel and other specific metrics

     It is well recommended to create one clear audit for all your online social presence, please try to insert in your audit at least the following:social media management

  • Account and Branding

 – here you must insert at least your profile: “@username”

 – what is your social profile URL: “”

– that social profile it is verified? Yes or No?

– Check very well if your profile matches style guidelines!

– Do you have the option to add your URL to your Bio or not?

  • Publishing

– please check your shares and tweets sent

– what are your organic impressions?

– YOY change?

– please verify DM’s sent

– what can you tell about conversations?

  • Engagement

-please check and write your total engagements

– once again, YOY change

– few things and notes about Engagement Rate

-link clicks must be verified too

– for some platforms, such as Twitter, please verify your Retweets or likes

– Mention received are there?

  • Audience

– here you must verify your total followers, friends, connections

– for one period of time, try to make one report related to your new followers or friends or about your collectionssocial media audit

– New accounts you followed

– Include some other factors for your audience – male, female, locations, languages and much more.

For all your social media audits you must insert one section related to your posts, how can those be organized:

* video and promotional posts

* Educational information

* Entertainment info

* Images and mentions – if you want to understand better these factors please try to send us your request at SEO Services Agency.

     Not in the end we want to reveal some of the most important social media audit tools that can be used for your purpose, some of them are free or for other websites, you must add your subscription – more info can be read at

     All the time it is well to have one organized spreadsheet, with all your channels, do it on the monthly or yearly basis, include some seasonal changes, and don’t forget that for some social platforms you must add some targeted metrics or factors.

  • Knowem – here you can find your existing social media profiles
  • Namechk – use this powerful tool in order to discover your desired username or URL that are still available at dozens of social media platforms
  • FanPage Karma – your favorite tool for social media management – composing, planning and publishing posts.
  • You can check a lot of factors about your Twitter activity using Twitonomy – one powerful account analysis tool.
  • Hootsuite Analytics Tool – Social media analytics – great option for brand monitoring and enhanced analytics report
  • Use social media management tool – – another wise opportunity for your business.
  • BuzzBundle – covers a wide range of social media platforms.
  • Social Media Audit powered by SemRush – try to understand better your audience and discover what people are saying about your brand.
  • One powerful tool is provided by Google – Google Alerts– represent a free and great tool that allows you to discover which social platforms are driving traffic and conversions.
  • Brand24 – Another option for every business to check their statistics about entire content and audience.
  • Discover SumAll – your reliable online partner for your social media platforms – obtain attractive charts that will allow you to understand more about the latest search engines algorithms.

     Once again, it is important to understand that boosting your business using social media represent a wise investment and you can obtain great results and top rankings with genuine and “white-hat” marketing activities. Good luck!

Mobile Marketing Solutions

Mobile marketing strategy for every project

Mobile marketing opportunities for every project

From the very beginning it is important to understand that in the present world-wide networking and almost entire marketing strategies are very well targeted, well connected via web development solutions and using mobile marketing as a wise solution for every project.

In the last years, like we already know, more and more people turn to their mobile devices – mobile, smartphones, tablets and other similar devices, to do almost everything they can do on a desktop computer.

mobile marketing strategy online

One important signal about mobile marketing solutions and online campaigns is the fact that in the last year we have a 68% increasing of the world-wide mobile marketing budget.

The most important directions related to the mobile marketing strategy are:

  • Learn and understand more things about customer interactions
  • Create a cross-channel strategy, if you don’t know how to do it, please feel free to visit this website
  • Use the latest technology and web development solutions in order to obtain better signals for your project
  • Personalized marketing experiences will help you and your decisions
  • Develop a win-win partnership with you clients, customers or just online visitors.

You must understand that mobile devices are fundamentally changing the user activity or interaction with every online project.

It is important to increase your brand awareness, develop a complete strategy related to your brand and to your business.

If you understand, like business owner, the behaviors of your mobile users, you will gain their interest regarding your products and business.

One top recommendation is to push notifications across devices as part of your online strategy, only in this way you can drive new signals, revenue, improve loyalty and build a trusted partnership with your visitors.

Using these methods you will succeed to obtain fresh signals and better communication with your visitors but most important will be that in the future, the number of your targeted visitors will be much more.

With all these signals and information, you can develop in the future better customer profiles, improve customer interaction and you will have a good alternative to the traditional marketing channels.

Time to time, you can include in your strategy some bonuses, new e-books, information about your services or even small bonuses like mini gadgets or accessories that your customer can use on daily basis, connected to those mobile devices. If you want to find some genuine items, at affordable prices, please navigate and find out more at

Today’s technology enables marketers and business owners to create a better communication with every client or potential customer, try to take advantage of using such strategies and for any additional information please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

In the same time, other related information about mobile marketing opportunities can be found at

How to advertise on Facebook

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Advertising Benefits

In the last year I have spent a lot of time learning about the best techniques and features that can be used on Facebook in order to increase my online presence, brand awareness and entire social media marketing strategy.

Facebook marketing services

  • Move forward with Facebook Advertising

The wise decision for you like a business owner or online marketer is to read and learn the most important steps regarding Facebook advertising and what is the best strategy for your niche and project.

An effective Facebook campaign must have a clearly goal, what do you want to obtain through this campaign, what is the budget for it, the targeted people from your point of view.

In the same time, our recommendation is to have and to use for this strategy at least the following:

  • A compelling offer for that period of time
  • One E-mail auto responder such as Aweber or Mailchimp
  • A great and mobile-friendly landing page

From our agency experience, for a wide range of projects, we can say that it is your duty to create your best offer for that social media marketing strategy, the next step is to collect your visitors email address and the last step will be to get in touch with them using an email auto responder, find out more at

The entire process must be very well targeted, related to your niche and your main interests. Here you can define the following :

  • Your Call To Action
  • Increase the number of your email subscribers
  • Get targeted traffic to that landing page
  • Increase Facebook page likes, shares, online presence.

social media marketing services

The main steps when we discuss about Facebook advertising campaign are:

  • Create a tracking pixel – this one can be placed on any webpage you want, Facebook create this tracking pixel and you just need to copy this code to your “Thank you” page
  • Create your Facebook campaign – for this step our main recommendation is to use Power Editor features, there you can find a lot of benefits and a better control over the options
  • When we discuss about the last step – Facebook Ad, here you must create some adverts. Don’t worry, it will be easy, if you need our help please don’t hesitate to contact Julien POL SEO Agency.
  • Create your main image or picture for that campaign, try to use something that connect your brand, your image and your online experience. Don’t just copy/paste some pictures, think why that picture will make the visitor and potential client to acees that webpage and advert.

Not in the end we want to reveal an important thing that can help you into this strategy, create different adverts, with different audiences, in this way, periodically, you can check your results and what adverts provide the best response. Good luck!