White Hat SEO Techniques 2018

White Hat SEO 2018

In the present it is our duty like business owners to understand that we must create quality content that people want to share it, to promote that content in a genuine and safe way for your online project. White hat SEO activities represent a wise direction for your project and for your brand awareness.

This year we will understand more things regarding Google and search engines updates and from our experience, we will identify two major directions:

  • Create content on daily or at least on weekly basis
  • Organic traffic will give you what you want – try to promote more content from the first step to you targeted visitors.

It is important for every online business to generate more targeted visitors and one good direction for this is to offer quality information for your top-rated services.

Organic Traffic for your online project

The key to success will be your decision to publish fresh and valuable content. Stop using fake or low-quality freelancers or services. Don’t hesitate to write your own experience and promote your services directly through your thoughts and projects.

The next step will be to promote that content and for this, you will realize fast that a lot of bloggers or even journalists will write about your articles or content.White Hat SEO Techniques 2018

In order to succeed in all our SEO efforts, we must search very well and we will discover the major benefits of using Google searches and other features available when we check other search engines. For example:

  • If we want to write about “How to perform a social media audit”  you will find a lot of online resources with similar content, open those sources, compare and analyze that content with your own experience and start writing your article.

I am sure that you will identify at least 3-5 points that are missing there so, your content will be valuable for your readers and visitors.

Our recommendation is to start generating content with over 2000+ words. Please, don’t forget to include in your articles optimized images, videos too and authority sites.

  • Use video marketing in all your white hat SEO efforts – this it is a great opportunity for your business and online project. Create video content, try to provide only genuine and quality content there and you will increase your brand awareness.

It is good for you to create text or video content with one main goal, your work will be promoted and share it by those influencers who really understand that content.

Fortunately, after you will write and generate content for at least 5-10 most-wanted topics, related to your SEO activities, those online marketers will send relevance to your project because they want to promote only quality and genuine services and actions.

Another major recommendation, from our team experience, is to take advantage of using one clear structure for your future content:

* Write a competitive “Title”

* Decide what is your correct meta description and what are your top-rated keywords

* <H1>, <H2>, <H3> are next to you

* Fresh and valuable content all the time

* Pictures, Alt Tag

* Social promotions

How to generate more organic website traffic?

You need organic and safe traffic for your online project because in this way you will improve your current rankings and you will obtain more online relevance. Sometimes, organic traffic converts much better than traffic from social media or from paid advertising.

Organic traffic can be increased through a lot of strategies, some of them are safe for your white hat SEO efforts and other directions will bring negative results to your efforts. If you want to obtain long-term online relevance, keep in mind that white hat SEO represents the most important decision for every online project.

We want to reveal some of the most important things that will help you to increase your organic traffic, even you have top and old competitors, it is a wise decision for almost every online project:

* Check very well what is your current online relevance and save your Google Analytics reports and info from your Google Search Consoleorganic traffic 2018

* Check very well and improve your On-Page SEO customization

* Your main goal is to increase the volume and quality of your website traffic so, from this point of view, a good idea it is to become a contributor on top-rated sites related to your niche

* Take advantage of creating a clean and powerful internal link structure

* “Call-to-action” must be your friend – encourage readers and webmasters to link to your online project.

Creating valuable content and working for your organic website traffic will increase your online authority through:

* Writing genuine and detailed articles will bring more value to your project

* Readers and bloggers will love your content so, for you and your project, do-follow links will count a lot

* Your will obtain more online relevance because the future links will be obtained from trusted sources.

The SEO progress means that you must work a lot for your project, promote your website and services around the internet, share it on your social media platforms, get in touch with your readers and reply as soon as possible to every message or question because only in this way you can obtain your top rankings.

6 White Наt ЅЕО Тechniques to Try

You’ll bе safe stіcking with nоn punіshablе whіtе hat SЕO techniques.

White hat SEO refers tо sеаrch еngіne optіmization tасtics yоu or уour sіtе’s оnlіnе mаrkеter can emplоу whіch аrе Gоogle/sеarch engine friendly for gеttіng yоur sіtе to rаnk. Тhеsе arе tаctics whісh аre іn faсt Google aрprоved аnd prеfеrrеd аs they don’t аttеmpt to game the sуstеm.white hat seo 2016

Keуword Usаgе – A соrnerstone оf goоd оld fashioned whіtе hat ЅЕО. Kеуword usаgе саn bе whіte hаt, deрending оn hоw уоu usе іt.

Мakе sure уou use уour keуwоrds іn уour рosts, tіtles, imаgе tags, еtc. Оn the other hаnd, gооd keywоrd ЅЕО shоuld bе уоur fіrst оrdеr of busіnеss bеfоrе уou go tо the trouble оf doіng аny othеr rеаl ЅEO for yоur site.

Guest Blоggіng – Guеst bloggіng is anothеr whіte hаt SЕO method which involves сontасtіng аnother bloggеr, рrеsumаblу in уоur nichе, and оffеring to write а guest post for their blog.

It’s greаt for networkіng and gеts yоur wrіtіng and pоint оf vіеw in frоnt оf a nеw аudiеnсe. Generallу yоu’rе аllоwed a lіnk оf sоme sort bаck to уour site so that’s somе valuablе lіnk juіce соmіng yоur way.

Nаtural Inbound Links – Getting nаtural inbound links іs аlwaуs the goаl. Сreating уour оwn lіnks tо yоur sіtе is еasу, but Goоglе understаndably іsn’t imprеssed аt your аbilitу tо do thіs beсause therе іs nо votе оf quаlіty involvеd.

Іntеrnal Lіnks – Mаke surе to mаke full usе оf intеrior links whеnеvеr yоu cаn link to relevant сontent еlsewherе on yоur sitе. Тhіs sprеаds the lіnk јuісе around yоur sіte and аlso hеlps Google idеntify yоur content and which keуwords аrе associated wіth whісh pages. Thіs аlsо kеeрs pеоple оn уour sіtе lоngеr and lоwers уоur SЕО bоunсe rаtе whіch is a рlus аnd оnе of those less affeсtіng but stіll іmpоrtаnt Gооgle rаnking factоrs.

Blog Сommеntіng – Blog соmmеnting can be abusеd dеpendіng upоn how yоu usе it. Fоr it tо be whіtе hаt ЅEО, this means nоt lеaving stock сomments withоut readіng thе сontent аnd соmmenting just fоr the sake of а lіnk. Yоu’ll gеt a lot furthеr if you tаrget relevаnt blogs, stау on tор of their nеw pоst uрdatеs, аnd leave wеll thought out аnd thought inducіng comments (evеn omitting thе keyword rich аnсhor tехt fоr your lіnk) whіch will еnсоurаgе traffіс bасk tо уour sitе.

Quаlitу SEO Contеnt – (Regularlу uрdаted) quаlіtу content is а mаjor kеу in whіte hat ЅЕО. Googlе loves frеshly uрdаted соntеnt which іs оne оf thе rеаsоns І saу WоrdРrеss helрs уou rаnk bеtter, but thеy lоve quality сontеnt tо рut аt the tор оf theіr SЕRРs as thіs tiеs іn with the natural inbоund link poіnt аnd gеts оther wеbmаstеrs tо link to уour соntеnt willіnglу.

For any information or SEO purposes please feel free to contact us right now.

2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 46,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 17 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

White Hat SEO Services

For any business visionary, present day innovation has altered all perspectives that relate to promoting. White Hat SEO services can be by a long shot by a wide margin one of the best innovations with regards to web showcasing.

Getting SEO right from the very begin matters most, however completing White Hat SEO services right from the very begin has a major effect in the sort of advancement that you make. The fundamental center of white hat SEO is to get your site on the first page of Google while in the meantime keep up importance and draw in an impressive number of human activity. This straightforwardly means expanded deals and better introduction for your organization.Use only white hat seo techniques for long term online relevance.

In straightforward terms White Hat SEO includes doing everything right; truly playing by the standards. This is the motivation behind why it is otherwise called Ethical SEO. On the off chance that you are searching for a long haul speculation for your web advertising prospects, well White Hat SEO is the perfect spot to begin.

You can make sure that there are no mistake when you are on the first page of Google and in the meantime you noteworthy online group of onlookers without the apprehension of having substance that is not genuine.

White Hat SEO is about truth that breeds results!

There are sure things that you can do to enhance your pursuit exhibitions. Some may look like banalities, however frankly they can never get old when any type of SEO is the subject of exchange.

This incorporates White Hat SEO. The utilization of catchphrases will dependably stay significant and the center of succeeding with regards to SEO. With regards to White Hat SEO the watchwords in this sense fill the need of giving your customers what they require. It goes past essentially making it on the first page of an internet searcher.

There are sure things that ought to additionally be an essential center when you expect to investigate White Hat SEO. Back connecting, third party referencing and interface prevalence decide the sort of advancement that you make and how quick you make it. These are the quick and dirty’s that decide the level of consumer loyalty that you accomplish.

They generally enhance you’re positioning on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This is precisely what you should be at the top.

The nature of the substance and the administrations that you offer including the route on your site specifically mean the clients’ understanding of what you offer. Everything you need is a fruitful site, isn’t that so?

In light of this, white hat SEO is precisely the sort of methodology that you have to make them go. When you take up white hat SEO you can make certain that by submitting to every one of the terms and states of web crawlers and having the important and applicable substance, you will most unquestionably be at the extremely beat.

White Hat SEO can emerge into the very thing that you requirement for your business to flourish. The initial step is basic; get the right White Hat SEO administrations from great SEO offices. There are no second thoughts just remunerates.

Best regards!

It is wise to use only natural traffic?

Reliable online sources for quality website traffic!

In the last period of time our team (has) recevied a good number of questions regarding website traffic solutions and which are the difference between Organic and Natural Traffic. Because website traffic it is a very important white hat SEO factor in this new post we would like to explain the most important issues regarding this part of search engine optimization and some of our recomandations.website traffic sources

Basically we can say like this:

  • Organic traffic (derives from organic search results) : represents the traffic which comes from organic searches and hits on your website (search engines)
  • Direct traffic : there we have people entering the url and going direct to your website
  • Referral traffic : which basically can come from any other online source, for example traffic from an app, social referral, online marketing apps etc.Because we dont want to provide only theoretical aspects regarding SEO and website traffic solutions, now we will try to reveal the most important online and reliable sources for traffic.

    From the very beginning our recomandation is to have a correctly and well know setup in
    “web analytics”, including here “Google Analytics” accounts.

    • Quality content in your niche > you must provide something new to your readers, to gain their trust and to send signal that you are there to provide them a Win-Win partnership, not to take some amount and to disappear.

    Search engine optimization – SEO – it is very important for every online business and for good traffic and targeted traffic. In very short sentences we can say that a good SEO means to have the right words in the right places and in the same time to ensure that a good number of websites link to it. For white hat SEO techniques and recomandations please feel free to contact our team.white hat traffic

    • Paid traffic sources – we can obtain for small prices and cheap offers a huge number of guys or companies who will provide us paid traffic sources. The negative point is that they want only to sell some traffic software or to provide bulk traffic – thousands of visitors in one day.

    We strongly recommend to check carefully all offers and to decide to work only with companies who will provide long term safe traffic solutions.

      • Social Media and social media marketing – reliable tools for quality website traffic. We can use very well, daily, periodically this tools and for that we have two options – to pay campaings for your online relevancy or to do yourself from some mobile devices – to post on the major social platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr etc photos, videos, content, guides, articles.

Not in the end we just want to say two more traffic solutions but for them we will work for another post because there we have more recomandations and advices – it is about “Pay per Click ” Advertising and Affilliate Marketing.

– Bonus Traffic Offer until 25 February 2015 –

GET 100 visitors in 3 days, human and natural traffic

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SEO Expert Europe Team

The magic number 8 – Only for natural SEO

Our seo services agency helps your projects – Win-Win partnerships!

Through this article we are interested to clarify another reliable issues regarding the most important SEO, SEM and online marketing techniques for online projects – small, medium or top websites, including e-commerce industry.

seo expert agency europe

For every online project actually we have two important choices, to start working with natural and white hat seo techniques or to decide that it is best to have a new website in top ten for all major search engines in a very short period of time.

We develop custom strategies that content seo factors and natural-manually activites in order to obtain the following:

  • Increase your organic search appearance – for more details, please contact us asap!
  • Quality content
  • Natural website traffic from organic search – world wide traffic, nothing spammy and without softwares – please feel free to test it!
  • Properly keywords and keywords analysis
  • Quality link building in order to improve link popularity, page rank and other special seo factors – link analysis.
  • Video relevancy and social marketing – this can be different, it is important to analyze every niche
  • Daily new content marketing and authorised social accounts
  • A good understanding of google algorithm updates, google webmaster tools, online marketing optimization.

natural website traffic

So, dear visitors, our recomandation is to check first of all what your project has in this moment, to decide what is the most important keyword/keywords and then to talk together regarding the best seo strategy.


Until 25 February 2015 for all new contacts we offer a free audit for your online project, so feel free to contact SEO Expert Europe team.

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SEO Expert Europe Team